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How To Develop SEO-Friendly E-commerce Websites

Most of the e-commerce development company that uses Magento development for clients are always keen to not just creating the right website for them, but building an e-commerce website that is rich in SEO which ultimately leads to high rate of conversion for such website.

If your website is not developed with the right mindset of getting organic traffic through Search Engine Optimization plans and strategies, it is similitude to stocking an offline shop without making it accessible to the buyers who are willing and ready to pay for what you offer.

What rationally happen in this case is diminished or lack of sales.

You wouldn't want that and that's why you need to check this out.

Extensive Keyword Research

At the point of developing your e-commerce website, paying close and undivided attention to the most relevant keywords for your industry and niche is the most important thing to start with.

There are thousands of keywords (short-tail and long-tail) in the world right now, knowing what your target audience search for online and how they search for it will definitely give you the head start on what your website needs to rank for on search engine results.

Getting this simple act right will not only bring thousands of people to your website, but it will also bring only people with the potential of buying from what you have to offer them.

Blog Content Optimization

It is not enough to create the FrontPage, shop page, and other key pages on your e-commerce website without taking out time to develop a blog page where recent articles would be published.

Including a blog on your website will make it possible for you to target certain keywords that were not fully captured on your front page and other pages of your website. Blog content is regarded as one of the pivotal ways to stay connected and relevant with your customer and also rank pretty well on the search engines platform.

To optimize the content on your blog, keywords density must be put in mind while creating the content, internal link, and linking out to an influential website on the subject matter you are talking about on the said content.

Improved Site Architecture

If you are very vast with web development or design, you will understand that making your URLs short, simple, and straight to the point will not only help your customers get to your content and website faster, it would definitely help you rank better on search engine platforms like Google.

The very important pages on your site should not be deep-rooted thereby giving your audience stress to locate. Your promotions should be quite evident in almost all of your visible pages as this would help drive conversion from your organic visitors.

Website Speed

Speed is very important to rate high on Google and almost all e-commerce websites are paying very rapt attention to this factor.

There are tons of websites that have the information your target audience needs at every point in time, hence, it would do you more harm if it is taking too long for them to access your website.

Developing your e-commerce website with a great theme and hosting it on one of the best hosting platforms will improve site speed.

Mobile Friendly Interface

In developing your e-commerce website, regardless of the products you will be selling on the site, it is very cogent that you make use of mobile-friendly themes and Plugins. This is very important as most of your customers are making use of their smartphones to access your website.

The population of users using a smartphone to get things done on the internet is a great pointer to the effectiveness that comes with creating a mobile-enabled e-commerce website for your business. It is indeed a goldmine for website developers to target customers and prospects.

Aside from greater users experience and interface, Google rates websites with high mobile friendliness higher than the regular websites that concentrate their development on personal computers alone.


Following these simple, yet effective, tips while developing your e-commerce website is a guaranteed way to improve your SEO tactics right from the inception of the site.

An additional tip to put in mind is integrating social media pages and sharing on the site plus making your customers reviews evident on your site. All these will propel your SEO strategy to the limelight.

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Junaid Ali Qureshi
Author: Junaid Ali Qureshi
E-commerce specialist
Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.
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