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6 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

With people constantly undergo and web hosting continuously becoming popular, E-commerce and Magento development companies are quickly getting involved in the norm of some mistakes regarding SEO. Some of these mistakes we will talk about here.

Some people are still making these mistakes thinking it works; yes, it may work to an extent but it never lasts, and you may end up being banned by Google sooner enough. Do not do shady links, if you want a web-hosting website, make sure you provide web hosting, be sure your WordPress themes are legitimate instead of buying plenty of already existing WordPress themes from different owners so that in a short notice, you already have hundreds of popular themes. When you are doing these often, Google will take notice of your illegal network traffic, which may result in your being penalized. Although, before Google notices your shady links, you must have made a huge profit of those links, he of it all is worse.

Writing The Same Content Over And Over Again

repetitive content

Most SEO beginners and normal Google search users have blogs, so when you are writing on a particular topic repeatedly and you run out of topic to produce, you will begin to notice that your traffic is going down daily. This usually happens because Google may not know which of your content to rank since they all have identical topics and content. Instead, what you as an SEO should be doing is to update your old content. For example; you can update your 2018 content to 2019 content and make the tools you are using more thorough, so when Google notice that you are updating your old content, you keep getting higher rankings, this is so because they don’t want to rank old content that is outdated.

So as a blog owner, you notice some months you are getting 1000 new visitors to your site, some other months you get 200 new visitors only, and you are thinking maybe it’s a seasonal thing?, no its not seasonal, it’s because you have the same old contents on your site that people have come across over and over again.

Using Expired Domains

Some E-commerce development companies have experienced success in buying expired domain names, in addition to buying some few links to them and some good content to wrap it up. Even if these domain names have a great, authoritative and high Google page ranking, and you are having success in using them for certain periods, Google will soon notice it and you will end up been penalized or worse get banned.

Not Choosing The Right Attribution Model

As in the same process in purchasing a car online, so it is in purchasing a model. You must consider the entire volume value of customers you attract at each stage of your campaigns, and this varies for every business. It is important to understand how each one of the steps within the sales bonus contributes to the conversion and how this can be applied to your campaign to find the most suitable model for you.

Not Optimizing Your Product Data Feed

For shopping campaigns, the feed is the campaign structure. You can use some crucial optimization tactics that can be executed if there isn’t a proper data feed. If you do not include proper product types, you can’t segment your campaign efficiently. If you are missing variance, size, and color, you cannot define a great product variation.

In addition, if you do not optimize your product titles to match popular search queries, you will ultimately miss out on a large potential sale.

Not Using Smart Shopping Campaigns

e-commerce campaign

Google has released the next improved generation of smart shopping campaigns. The campaign brings all the latest automation and machine learning technology to Google shopping. It combines standard shopping and SEO marketing campaigns and it uses automated feeding to promote your product, business or your e-commerce development company across all networks including the Google search network, Google display network, YouTube and Gmail.

People using these tools already have a greater edge to achieving success in the congested traffic of the World Wide Web.

Although, if you follow these tips given here, there is no guarantee that your Google traffic won’t go down all be it; you will not be penalized but the longer you are into using the tips, your traffic will surely go up by the bucket load and you will have longevity instead of using short time tricks like placing widgets with your name all over it very often and then.

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Junaid Ali Qureshi
Author: Junaid Ali Qureshi
E-commerce specialist
Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.
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