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Site Story, a provider of website services to companies that intend to enter the online business environment and startup

Why SiteStory exclusive website design?

Exclusive premium website design at SiteStory

Design companies in Iran are designing many web sites at the same time. If you are a moderate to severe start-up or company, this situation is not very pleasant to you.

You probably do not want to:

  • The company focused on your website design, is working on several or more other sites for their design and development.
  • Instead of giving your website design to a company and after the contract, wait a long time to prepare your website and finally get a website and do not know what to do with your progress!
  • Spend a lot of time to explain things to the site designer who does not know anything about your business. This specialist must be familiar with the market, the taste and psychology of your customers, competitors and opportunities of your business.
  • Without having a robust strategy and with blind eyes, design your website and you will have a website that costs a lot, does not have money for you and other purposes.

What better solutions we recommend to you for your website design?

Custom website design

At first, we will have consultation sessions for the full need analysis so that we can consider all the goals you want on your website and then design it.

Speed and security more than ever

Website design using secure protocols and up-to-date technologies that delivers the highest speed to site visitors and the highest level of data security.

Exclusive and premium

Your website is for your business. We design a site that covers all your needs and will have the ability to receive the web service for future development and design of the application.

Incomparable expertise

By utilizing highly-qualified and well-resourced people with a very strong resume, we can implement everything in your mind as a code on our website.

Some of our website design customers

SiteStory's website design service pricing

  • Consulting and requirement assessment
  • Complete website design
  • Website management training
  • Consulting and requirement assessment
  • Complete website design
  • Website management training
  • Exclusive UI design
From 4000$
  • Consulting and requirement assessment
  • Complete website design
  • Complete management by SiteStory + Training
  • Exclusive UI and UX
  • SEO
  • Marketing solutions
  • Analyzing competitors' market
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